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Dec 15, 2006 06:32 PM

Gindi Thai in Toluca Lake

There is a new restaurant on Riverside Dr. at Pass Ave. called Gindi Thai. I'd like to know if anybody have tried it. How is it?

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  1. We've been driving pass this place for so many times and finally we decided to check it out. We didn't set any expectation for this place since it is located in a such quiet corner of Toluca Lake and so far there aren't that many good Asian restaurants in that area. To our surprise, the place was quite full when we arrived with 2-3 tables available, we were seated promptly with lovely a server.

    Their menu is simple yet comprehensive offering almost the width of Thai dishes other restaurants manage to print into a 10 page menu. Their special menu features a more adventurous set of dishes and includes some fusion dishes such as Pasta with creamy lemon grass sauce which is excellent. Their sushi bar however offer standard list of fishes and I wish they add more variety to it so my sushi aficionado friend can enjoy too. For me, it's adequate since I am still figuring out the sea urchin and clams but anyway. They have a full bar and offers premium martinis at around $8-$10.

    We orders sweet sassy sole, pasta with lemon grass sauce, pad thai and some sushi and rolls. All of the dishes are flavorful and the Pad Thai is very good. The noodle is cooked to the perfect tenderness not too soft and not too hard. The sweet sole is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We enjoy all the dishes. We didn't order the desserts but they have fried bananas and other basic Thai desserts.

    To sum it up, it's a surprise find in Toluca Lake and way better in terms of food, service and atmospheres than Arunee House down on Riverside. We are now their regular customers and stop going to Hollywood to hunt for parkings to find a decent Thai food. Everything we need is here at Gindi.

    LA Daily News review is here :

    1. So glad you posted this. Had lunch there the other week and really enjoyed -- so fresh and tasty. Had a meltingly delicious egg-plant curry dish that came with tender brown rice and a crispy roll of some kind. Yum!

      1. Randomly good in that area...and great lunch deals. Don't k now about the sushi they serve, but the green curry tofu special and basil chicken are great.

        1. So where's other good Thai restaurant in Toluca Lake. I've been to Arunnee House and as I mentioned, didn't find it that great.

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            There is Chadaka Thai in downtown Burbank, not too far. Same owners as Tuk Tuk I think, so it's pretty good.

          2. Not to take away from the good review but...Sushi? Thai Restaurant? More like pan-asian, no?