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Dec 15, 2006 06:29 PM

Dim Sum in the Valley [Moved from Site Talk]

I've been working in the Studio City area for a year or so now and desperately want to find a good...even decent...dim sum place in the area. Chinatown is closest, but, it's too much of a schlep, when I try to go there for a lunch break. Any suggestions?

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  1. A&W in Northridge...I've found this to be the only "decent/edible" authentic Chinese place. Even then, it would probably be around a 6 on my scale. I'm a snob and am used to the San Gabriel Valley Chinese food. The consensus is probably that there are no decent Chinese food in the Valley.

    1. Honestly, Chinatown is closer to Studio City (in terms of length of time required to drive) than Northridge.

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        Yes, but the last time I checked, Chinatown would not be considered part of the "Valley," which is the title of this post.

      2. Thanks for the info! I'll give A&W a try sometime. But, sadly, it sounds like my dim sum cravings an only be satisfied during the weekend!