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Dec 15, 2006 06:05 PM

where to find shochu?

Couple months ago I fell deep in fascination with shochu (distilled spirit from anything from barley to sweet potatoes to soba) in some nameless Japanese hole-in-the-wall in New York. I've never seen it poured anywhere in Boston until I discovered the "Shochu White Cranberry" (Shochu Japanese Spirit, Squeezed Lime, White Cranberry) at the Franklin Cafe in South End last night. Amazing.

Any recommendations on where else to sip this stuff? Either in Asian dives or high-end yuppie bars, it doesn't matter. Just curious where it may have been spotted in the wild.


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  1. i'm pretty sure they have it at ginza in brookline.

    1. i would check osushi in copley, seiyo and maybe douzo. brix wine shop might have it. great bay in kenmore square serves it.

      1. ooh, i just found this upcoming event at Fugakyu:
        12/24 & 12/25, 11:30am-1:30am; 12/ 31, 12:00pm–1:30am; 01/01, 11:30am-1:30am
        Fugakyu invites you in to start the tradition while sipping on a Shochu cocktail and nibbling from the extensive menu of traditional and nouveau Japanese cuisine. The menu includes sushi, sashimi, tempura, as well as unique entrees rarely found outside of Japan. The extensive sake list, which will keep you feeling warm and merry, includes handmade sake imported from Japan.

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          Where did you read that? I don't see any mention of it on their Web site.

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            hi -- just by chance i spotted it on

        2. You can no doubt sip the Korean equivalent, soju, at any of the Korean places in the area.

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            I was just going to recommend soju. Its great stuff when you mix it with some freshly squeeze lemon juice. My mother and I drink this combo everytime we eat sashimi, very delicious and refreshing