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Dec 15, 2006 05:58 PM

Japanese Canned Demi Glace Sauce

This can has been taunting me to buy it everytime I hit the curry aisle at Mitsuwa. I've resisted so far but I want to start cooking some Yoshoku style dishes and the prospect of making demi glace from scratch is just not gonna happen.

Has anyone tried this out in cooking at home?

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  1. My experience with regular prepared demi-glace has not been good. What makes the Japanese product different from U.S./European products, if anything?

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    1. re: pikawicca

      I wouldn't know --have not tried prepared demi glace.

    2. Don't know about "demi glace," (use D'artagnan for that) but my Sunrise market in NY carries a nice "Hiyashi Raisu" mix -- cubes really, like curry mix. It has a chef on the box, and tries hard to look "homemade" and non-commercial (but we know better, it comes from Japan!)

      Anyway, I use it as a base for a gyudon. Use shabu shabu beef, scallion, mirin, etc. Add a little hayashi sauce. Serve over rice.

      Oishii desu!

      1. I bet that would be great thrown on top of the following items

        omuraisu - kinda like a loco moco
        or mixed into some curry