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Dec 15, 2006 05:56 PM

Opinions on the Oster Fusion - combo blender / foodprocessor

Anyone using this yet?

It's pitched as a combined blender / food processor.

It is curious on the cooking shows to see who uses a blender vs a food processor and for what purpose.

I haven't seen opinions from any who has actually used it yet.

Can anyone think of in what circumstances this combined unit wouldn't be a a good thing?

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  1. I got an Oster Fusion in November 2006. I liked its versatility. Unfortunately, today, 2-7-2007, it conked out. DOA, after only 3 months. I'm going to send it back to them. I hope they have good customer service.

    1. I was thrilled to see a new appliance by Oster. I went to a lot of effort to find where I could get this Fusion right away. I finally was able to get it through the Oster web site. I purchased and waited with baited breath. I have had it less than 6 weeks and it is a fine appliance for making frozen drinks. The food processor part does not lock securely and there is trouble with it working smoothly. I'm disappointed as I have been a loyal consumer of Oster Kitchen Center since the early 7'2. Am now on my second but realize it is on the way out. I have to attempt to get the Oster Co. stand behind there product and give me a refund now. It saddens me that a company so highly regarded has gone down hill so far. If you only want frozen drinks by all means buy and use the blender part, if you also need the food processor part. buyer beware. Ithink

      1. I purchased the Fusion blender/food processor a month ago. I have used it for both mixed drinks and making salsa and have been absolutly thrilled by it's performance! As for the combination blender/food processor, part of what sold me was that it was 2 appliances in one allowing for less counter or cabinet space.

        1. Got one at Target - Love it... Speed control is great at this price. Love the mixed drink and salsa modes. the reversing keeps the food in touch with the blades better than a normal blender and really makes the special modes work correctly. Looks cool on the counter.

          1. The Fusion is going to be used much more than our old blender, for sure. My wife says Oster must have surveyed how people actually use a blender and designed one that's effective & easy to use - no more buttons for 12 speeds, maybe four of which are actually used. She also was impressed with the reverse function. We made daquiris using the one-touch drink function - perfect, not a single chunk of ice was left untouched. Salsa also turns out wonderful with the food chop button. Being a guy, the one-touch buttons were a big selling point - extremely user-friendly & fun to watch in action, too. Most importantly, my mother-in-law is very envious of our Fusion, something that doesn't happen often with our kitchen appliances.