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Dec 15, 2006 05:41 PM

west village (or near a path station) pub/eats recommendations please

I'm looking for a good place to get some decent food, beer and where some old friends can catch up for a while. Preferably in the West Village, although really anywhere on the West Side would work because I'm trying to accomodate people coming into the city on the Path train. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Chumley's Bar Bedford St (btwn Grove and Barrow) might fit the bill. Near the christopher st path station. Get's a bit frat-ish on friday nights, but other than that, welcoming.

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        I really like Tavern on Jane. I think it is perfect for old friends catching up. Plenty of room, quiet but congenial atmosphere, good selection of upper-middle-class pub food and pleasant staff. Chumley's and White Horse are good (a little sloppier and beerier than ToJ) but they're both fairly crazy on weekends.

      2. Les Deux Gamins, which re-opened near Christopher & 7th Ave (walking distance to the Christopher St PATH). They have a decent burger, and my favorite is their Salades des Gamins with smoked duck and grilled zuchini.


        Cowgirl on Hudson, although I have no recollection about their food.

        1. Chumleys at 86 Bedford. (It's an unmarked entrance at a small set of stairs.)

          White Horse Tavern on Hudson and Perry(?)

          The Riviera on 7th Avenue South and w. 4th

          Boxers on w. 4th and Barrow

          Aviod Spotted Pig. Too crowded and noisy

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          1. West Village is a great place to grab a bite. If you want decent southern food, Cowgirl is good and the beer is relatively cheaper than surrounding places. Da Andrea and the Italian joint next to it are good (all 3 on Hudson)

            Wild Ginger on Grove has decent Thai food, A.O.C. is great traditional French food (Little more high end then the others mentioned). I personally don’t care for the food at Chumley's, but the beer is quite good.