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la cabanita in glendale ---- what's good here?

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thanks. and what type of mexian food do they serve? is it a spefici region/

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  1. It's Mexico City -- comida chilanga. Their picadillo is great, and they have wonderful enchiladas con mole (yes, I know that's not Mexico City), and anything with rajas. Their caldo de pollo earns raves.

    1. The pork pozole is one of my favorites. The mole enchilada is excellent, so are the chile rellinos.

      1. I'm going to dissent here.

        I'm not a big fan of the place. Carne asada was ok, most of the moles were disappointing.

        Service can be like waiting for molasses to drip on a cold winter's night.

        1. that hasn't been my experience, and we eat there alot

          1. get the poblano con crema for a table share app, rich and delicious. The chuletas en chile pasilla (pork chops) are outstanding and the carnitas plate is huge and wonderful.

            1. Great stuffed chiles: Chile relleno, chiles en nogada with pecan cream sauce and raisins, and others.

              1. We also had not great food and bad service.

                1. to answer you question, nothing

                  I have been here many times (live in the area / friends, neighbors, bosses like it) and never had good food or good service.

                  Their margaritas are AWFUL (we teach a tequila/margarita class 2x a year)

                  The chips are even bad.

                  1. I have to say, I tried this place for the first time a couple months ago and was not sure what all the fuss was about. Forgot to post about it then, though. I got posole, which you can get with your choice of chicken or pork, which seems to indicated that neither is simmered in the soup. In fact, while my pork was tender enough, it seemed like it had been roasted rather than simmered... I strongly suspect that they just dumped some carnitas in there. Plus, the fixings were weak: just onion and lettuce (lettuce!!), as I recall. No radish. No cabbage (when I asked for some, the waiter looked at me as if I was crazy). Don't remember if there was even oregano or cilantro or lime.

                    Are folks sure this is Mexico City style, anyway? Something (fajitas?) made it seem more norteno to me.

                    We passed Bistro Verdu on our way, which looked cozy, full of people enjoying their meals, which sounded great based on the blackboard menu outside. I thought of them longingly as I was eating my posole with lettuce.

                    1. The chips ARE horrible, but who goes to a Mexican place for the chips?? I don't drink when I go there (almost always during the day, so I'm at work). I haven't noticed service issues.