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Dec 15, 2006 05:35 PM

RIP Paprikash on Diversey

After opening a successful spinoff in Arlington Hts., the new owners have decided to close the original location on Diversey. The Arlington Hts. location has the same great food and service, but the room lacks the feel of the old place and the clientele is stuffier.

“Everyone started coming up to the new place,” says owner Mike Clements. “We intended to keep both, but the parking at Diversey was tough.” Budapest native Bela Olah—who worked under Louis Szathmary at The Bakery—runs the kitchen at the new(ish) spot. “He learned how to make that beef Wellington with the foie gras [$29],” says Clements.

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  1. Frankly, I felt that the food went slightly downhill after the place on Diversey changed hands. Nor did we feel that the service was quite as welcoming as it had been before - the last time we were there, shortly after the change in ownership, we had a reservation, yet sat and waited while unexpected arrivals, obviously friends of the owners, were seated before us. We complained, and were seated very ungraciously - we never went back, not really because of that incident, but because they took a favorite dish off the menu, and started offering music every night (we don't go out to dine in order to listen to music - we like to be able to talk)

    Too bad - now I have to cook all my Hungarian food at home - out of George Lang's excellent cookbook.

    1. odd that everyone from Chicago would up and head to Arlington Heights.

      1. Does anyone know of other Hungarian restaurants in the city? perhaps closer than arlington heights?