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Dec 15, 2006 05:26 PM

Places for dinner after 11pm?

Aside from 24-hour diners and such, what sort of sit-down places are open for dinner in the HK area around 11pm on a Saturday?

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  1. Marseille, the French/Mediterranean brasserie, on the corner of 9th Av. & 44th St., serves until midnight Tues.-Sat.

    Hell's Kitchen, the Mexican restaurant, on 9th, b/t 46th & 47th St., serve until midnight Wed.-Sat.

    Le Madeleine (French), Rene Pujol (French), and Roberto Passon (Italian) serve until 11:30 p.m. on Sat. is an excellent resource for checking restaurant hours, though it's always wise to call the restaurant directly to be absolutely certain.

    1. expensive, but..... MAS

      Florent is always fun late night

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        But neither is in Hell's Kitchen, which is the area the o.p. is interested in.

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          oops. didn't see the HK mention...sorry.
          Pigalle? is that considered HK?

          1. re: jenniebnyc

            Yes, and Pigalle is open 24/7. However, I think the food's superior at Marseille, which is one of its sister restaurants.

      2. Cafe Noir
        32 Grand St (Cross Street: Thompson Street)
        (212) 431-7910

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          this is a darn good question!!
          french roast - w80s and broadway, open 24 hours. i believe there is still a location in the village/chelsea area. check it out on

        2. HK is the most convenient but we're definitely not opposed to taking a cab somewhere if need be. Marseille looks really good for the area and as a bonus has some explicitly gluten-free items (I'm allergic to gluten myself though my g/f is not). Hell's Kitchen also looks like it might be worth investigating. For now if I were to say out-of-area, Florent seems like the place to go.

          Thanks for all the replies so far! I now have a litany of late-night places to check out.

            1. re: david Haskell

              i second the reco for florent. that place is so much fun AND the food is absolutely great!