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Prix-Fixe Options in San Francisco

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I've some relatives who will be visiting from overseas and would like to take them to a dinner with a prix-fixe menu. What are some good options for this? Max. is probably $35pp. They also have a well behaved 6 year old, hopefully this won't be a problem.

I was looking at Firefly or Chapeau. Anywhere else I should consider?

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  1. RNM in the lower Haight has a pretty good one
    5-7 pm, tues-sat 28.00


    1. Rue Saint Jacque has a great $35 prix fixe menu.

      1. I heard that Scott Howard is doing a very good priced prix fixe for early dinners in the month of December.

        On a lunch note, I had a $21.95 3-course prix fixe lunch at Bacar yesterday that was just wonderful.

        1. If you are looking for French bistro food (similar to Rue St. Jacque and Chapeau), Le Charm on 5th Street south of Market is certainly a contender. If you do a search, you will find earlier posts.

          1. Chapeau is excellent and great value for the price. I highly recommend it!

            1. Chapeau is an excellent choice. I also believe Clementine has an "early-bird" prix fixe menu.

              1. Clementine does have a 3-course dinner for $25, which is roughly half what the three courses would cost you a la carte. It ends at 7 p.m.

                We had an enjoyable meal there last night, although service was completely off and they waited much too long to take orders. I had a decent duck breast and the escargot. Profiteroles were nothing special. The prime rib looked very good, and the floating island was lovely. The wine list is quite reasonably priced.

                I came away with my stock conclusion: nicer room than Chapeau but not as good food. And not all that much quieter.

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                  I would concur that Chapeau is superior in terms of the food. That said, Clementine is not bad and there is also a full bar at Clementine if that's a consideration.

                2. Two other options (also French bistro-ish) are the Baker Street Bistro (Baker St. near Lombard) and the Metro Hotel (Divisadero near Fell). They prixe-fixe dinners there are less expensive, under $20 I believe.

                  1. Zazie in Cole Valley has a $20 prix fixe although you're not saving a lot of money compared to ordering a la carte. Definitely fine for a 6YO too.

                    Food isn't of the caliber of Clementine or Firefly (the only two mentioned in this thread that I've been to), but it's a good value; solid bistro fare.

                    Zazie's more of a casual neighborhood place, though - I wouldn't take guests from overseas here for that one special dinner.

                    website: www.zaziesf.com

                    1. I like cote Sud in the castro they have a $25.00 prix fixe over the entire menu