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Dec 15, 2006 04:42 PM

Do you ever buy something and only use it once? what do i do with these?

ok, for sauce.. it doesn't smell so great, what can you possibly use it in that it tastes good?
-oyster sauce, i've never really used it, what does it go good in?
-a jar of pimentos

also as a secondary question, does anyone have any great uses for fennel seeds and caraway.?. they've been sitting in my cupboard, but i don't have the courage to just "try" it and maybe ruin a good dish

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  1. Caraway seed is very good in things like Eastern European-style veal stews. The only use I've had for fennel seed is in Italian sausage, but not that many people make their own sausage.

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      Yes, definitely look to Eastern European recipes for uses for the caraway. My Polish grandmother uses it in all kinds of meat & veggie dishes. Goes well with cabbage.

      If you're up to it, you could always make rye bread:)

      1. re: BobB

        Pizza spice without fennel seed is like rye bread without caraway seed: an abomination.

        1. re: mclaugh

          The only good rye is the one without caraway seeds. Just throw them out and be glad you dont have to taste them.

          1. re: ESNY

            Oh, I hate caraway Rye too. But, I like caraway in lots of other things. They are an excellent companion to various lentils in Indian preparations and make a lovely addition to a traditional (cream based) clam chowder.

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              caraway rye toasted, soaked with butter, spread thick with marmite.

              food for the gods!

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                As one who grew up on rye bread with caraway seeds, I beg to differ. For me, rye bread without seeds is just lacking something essential. But as my mom used to say "that's what makes horse racing" :-)

          2. I use fish sauce in Thai food that I prepare - chicken coconut soup and Thai chicken pasta.

            I've used oyster sauce in potstickers/asian dumplings.

            Pimentos? You got me there . . .

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              pimento cheese , chicken a la king

            2. I use a great deal of fennel seed which has a licorice/anise flavor. That's the flavor in good Italian sausage for one thing so I often add it to Italian dishes when I use sausage , such as pizza, lasagna, sauces, stuffed eggplant, etc.
              I also love it with fish and oysters. I add it to fish stews especially when they include tomatoes. Oysters Rockerfeller has an anise or fennel flavor. My sister makes a wonderful oysters rockerfeller soup. I do oysters rockerfeller soufflee. Both use fennel.

              I use pimento for pimento cheese sandwiches so I never have it left lying around. Easy, cheap to make from things usually on hand.

              1. I use fennel seeds as a finishing touch for fish, chicken and pork dishes (really good with pork 'bolognese' and pecorino romano). Slightly aniseedy in flavour. Basically I use them as a top note for anything that I might put a fennel bulb in - particularly if I can't get any decent looking fennel and so have to omit it! I had a very nice fennel (and cardamom - I think) pureed soup once that had a drizzle of olive oil and some toasted fennel seeds as a garnish - lovely. I bought my fennel seeds in Sicily where fennel grows like a weed by the side of the roads, so if I think of a meal as being Sicilian then I consider the fennel seeds (don't always use them but...) Hope that helps!

                As for using stuff once, we have a twelve day rule. Don't ask!

                1. Pimento is good as a color accent, and adds a touch of flavor. Haven't used them in a long while but I used to add them to cooked frozen corn so it looked pretty. It would be good I think to blenderize it/them and swirl into a corn chowder too.

                  Your instincts are right on target as far as adding fennel and caraway willynilly to your dishes. They have rather pronounced flavors, so they could really make the taste go askew, and not necessarily in a great way. If you would like to use them up, or put a dent in them, you could make some crackers or flatbread with them, and press them in, baking it nice and brown. I would also add sesame seeds to the mix, just because sesame rules!

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                    yes-- we love to put different seeds on homemade breadsticks (brush dough with egg white then sprinkle on seeds) Caraway, fennel, sesame, poppy-- all are good. (btw our breadsticks are kind of fat and chewey; more or less a skinny french loaf)