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Dec 15, 2006 04:27 PM

U-Dist Seattle: Picks and Pans on the Ave, 2006 Update?

There is some outdated info on this topic on the board - outdated because I hear the turnover on the Ave is high - so please provide your places to hit up and places to avoid on the Ave, for cheap or moderately cheap lunches?

Also, please mention notables within walking distance of Safeco Plaza if you have them.

I just started working in the neighborhood and am eager to go exploring. Thanks!!

So far I've tried Pagliacci (pretty good but they ran out of every pizza variety at 12:30 the one time I was there), tiny thai place near pizza (thai tom?) which was pretty decent although the quality of the meats (I got a chicken curry) was slightly below premium, and the indian/pakistani place in the other direction, where I have liked everything I've ordered in 2 visits (especially the okra - mmmm). And a coworker told me that 2 recent visits to a sushi place by the movie theater turned up cockroaches alongside the fish, so this will clearly be a pan.

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  1. Thai 65, Ruby's, Shalimar, all between 42nd and 43rd on University Ave, are very good. Good Pho at Tran Bros. a little further south. Also, new and a great place, Pam's Kitchen at 50th and Univ. Ave., Caribbean.

    1. I really like the Aladdin Gyrocery - cheap, delicious.

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        1. My guilty pleasure in the u-district is s.u.b.s on the SE corner of 50th/Ave. The interior could use a MAJOR update but their sandwiches reall good, esp. if you like Italian meats and oil n' vinegar like they make grinders in the NE. Also people love Cedars on Brooklyn (50th) and Taste of India on Roosevelt (55th) - both are owned by the same people. Watch out for the incessant beverage refilling at Taste of India however!

          1. There is a truly charming, unassuming, family-owned Greek diner/restaurant on the Ave, called the Continental Cafe, just below 50th (not on the corner, further down), that has survived for at least 20+ years. On the regular table side there are students, tourists etc. enjoying the tasty lamb and creamy avgolemono soup, and on the cashier side a few tables, mostly inhabited by Greek speaking people sounding like they're arguing. On the shelf are home-cured olives, delicious even though they occasionally have to be soaked in water if too salty, wild Greek oregano, and the MOST delicious olive oil for cooking, Spitiko. The people are ultra-nice, the pastries good if you like the honey-soaked phylloness of such things as baklava. Oh, and it's inexpensive.

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              ahhhh... the continental. Good to know it is still there. I've only ever eaten one thing there and that is the feta/tomato omelette, a million-leaves sort of construction (I saw the guy make it once, it spreads out to a huge diameter and then gets folded and folded). Order it with the greek fries and pita. A wonderful breakfast. I'll have to go have one myself next time we come up from Portland.

              And I second Aladdin (glad it's still there too!). Excellent, big, cheap falafel sandwiches, and decent zaatar pita too. And the turkish coffee is good.

              While I'm thinking about it, what is in the space on 45th between U Way and Brooklyn, next to the alley? That spot changed owners about once a year... last time I ate there (2000!) it was a pretty good taqueria.

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                That space on 45th is still a taqueria, but it might have changed hands. The people are nice, but the food isn't that great.