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Guinness Your favourite place for it in Manhattan

Winter is here and I am am curious where you go in Manhattan for your Guinness. Who do you think has a great pour? I like Desmonds on Park Ave though by no means do I think it has Great Guinness there. The Dublin House on West 79th (Harp Bar) does have a good one too.

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  1. The Ear Inn should be a good place for Guinness.

      1. Third for Molly's...along with a burger and onion rings...can't be beat

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          One of the best burgers around! And they draw a great Guinness.

        2. McCormack's on 3rd Ave., about 26th St., when I get there, which is rare.

          1. Milanos - It's on Houston between Mulberry and Mott. (South side st) I don't know if it ever closes. It might just turn into a flophouse after 4. And they will cash your social security check too!

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              Don't want to hijack the thread but the owner of Milanos has sold the bar. I have no idea if the new owner intends to clean the place up.

              BTW, it actually does close. I was shocked. I didn't even think the door had a lock on it.

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                Oh no! I hardly ever go but still, I guess I hate change...most of the old guys I know from Milano's are dead now anyway!

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                  "most of the old guys I know from Milano's are dead now anyway!", and well pickled I'm sure.

                  I don't go much anymore but things changed a few years ago when they cleaned things up a bit and brightened up the bar area.

                  I just checked with a friend who knows and Milanos was sold to the owner of The Libarary Bar so maybe he'll keep things the same.

            2. My favorites are St. Dymphna's on St. Mark's, Molly's (of course)& Jane St. Tavern. Paddy Reillys on 2nd is an all Guiness draft bar. I wouldn't say they pour the best draft although they should.

              1. Molly's does it right for Manhattan... and they have Murphy's too.

                1. Lunasa, Lunasa, Lunasa, and furthermore, Lunasa.

                  Friendly, modern Irish pub. The pub grub is quite good too.

                  126 1st Avenue between 7th Street and St. Mark's Place

                  1. go down to the seaport and get yr guinness on at JEREMYS ALE HOUSE in a massive styrofoam container as god intended.

                    bonus they have murphy's on draft too and plenty of clam shack styled seafood. it's perfect.

                    1. It was a few years ago but we had a couple of rounds of Guinness at Malachy's on W72 St just off Columbus Ave and it was a good pour. I might add that my cousin from Bantry & his son (a Dublin carouser) were with us that night, and they said it was "creditable" in their opinion. I do also like the pour at Molly's on 3rd Ave which as is good as at Donovan's in Woodside.

                      1. I always liked The Parlour on W86th for a great pint of Guinness.

                        1. McSwiggins on 2nd Ave. and 22nd street.

                          1. Mona's on Ave. B has $3 Guinness on Thursday nights. How can you beat that?

                            1. Agree with Mollys but recently got a guy with a slow hand at Royale on Ave. C-and a damn fine burger too.