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Dec 15, 2006 04:03 PM

Sushi Gen last night - YUCK!

The girlfriend and I were really looking forward to it, having never been there and it does seem to be a perennial favorite here on Chowhound. We've both eaten a lot of sushi in our lives, all over the world, including a great deal in Japan.

Susi Gen, at least last night, at least for us, was terrible. I had a chirashi sushi and an extra order of aji (Spanish mackerel). The girlfriend had seven different individually ordered sushi, mostly nigiri, but also some maki.

To start off we had a simple order of edamame and that's where things started downhill. They were mushy, except for in a few spots where they were still frozen. It was as if they had simply bought a bag of them at Trader Joe's or something and did a lousy job thawing them out.

My chirashi consisted of a very modest amount of fish that was ugly in presentation, ineptly sliced (actually chopped up in coarse little bits in several instances) and not particularly fresh. To add insult to injury, the sushi rice it was set on top of was so utterly drenched in vinegar - with little pockets of sugar distributed unevenly throughout - that I could have squeezed it out, added some olive oil and made a salad dressing.

My aji was some of the worst I've ever had. Badly cut, fat at one end and thin at the other, mushy and tasteless and set on that overly vinegared rice. I ate one piece and left the other sitting there.

My girlfriend's sushi was all pretty much as awful as my chirashi for the same reasons. Several of the pieces came with explosive pockets of pure wasabi hidden in the bad rice. She'd bite into one and the taste of wasabi - not particularly good wasabi at that - would completely overwhelm any possible hope of tasting the fish. The fish itself was not great quality and a lot of it had a mushy texture due to the way it was cut and presumably the way it was thawed.

When I walked into the place I was a little concerned as I tend to trust smaller sushi places. There was a somewhat frantic hubub of too many sushi chefs behind the counter and a whole lot of tables that they were preparing sushi for, as well as the crowded, large sushi bar itself. Seeing that, I worried about the potential for lack of proper attention being paid to any one order. My worries seem to have been with good reason.

Perhaps some of you will say it was an off night. But the problems were so pervasive and due to factors that are well within the control of any well run restaurant, that it is highly unlikely that my girlfriend and I will give Sushi Gen another chance. We much prefer SushiGo 55 and Saito Sushi. In both those places we have had both hits and misses, but the few misses have never been due to aggregious inattention to detail and lack of quality ingredients, as they were last night at Sushi Gen.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Everything you describe has never happened to us and we have been going there for years(50+ times). Sushi Go 55 is Ok but not as good as Gen.

        1. My experience at Sushi Gen was also negative.

          1. Well Sushi Gen has been on my 'To Try List' for far too long, have not made it there yet. My friend Ikuko who spent the first couple of decades of her life living in Tokyo tells me that Sushi Gen is great and that I must try it!