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Does Alton Brown use/recommend any particular pots and pans?

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I know he likes Shun knives, and heavy aluminum rolled-edge non-shiny cake pans. But last night he was using a silver-colored saucier (chocolate truffle show) -- is there a way I can determine what brand this was?

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  1. Wouldn't swear to it, but the cookware I see on his show looks an awful lot like All-Clad.

    1. Try watching the credits, they sometimes mention the name of the product. For instance, I know they mention that the cooktop, oven, -whatever- is provided by Viking.

      1. I thank you, never thought of reading the "fine print"!

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            Thank you for bringing my attention to this list!

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              I mean, it may not be "official." As far as I know, the GEFP people just write down what they can see from the episodes. But it's a good place to start. And it categorizes his recommendations pretty nicely. :-)

          2. He also has a book called Gear for your Kitchen. though I would not buy it unless you might be equipping a kitchen from scratch or an Alton junkie like I am

            1. AB used All-Clad in the early shows, but once the show changed to the current set, he has used Viking cookware when possible.

              Alton does endorse Shun knives, and used to endorse Lodge cast iron, but I don't think that relationship is still in effect.