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Dec 15, 2006 03:04 PM

New Asian Seafood Buffet and BBQ near Lee Lee (Phx area)

Headed to Lee Lee on Monday morning. Saw the new buffet and bbq place next door and gave it a try.

Huge, huge selection, even at lunch. I got there right after it opened at 11:00 a.m., and it was pretty crowded by noon. A few unique selections included a made-to-order soup area (wonton, dumpling, etc.); this is in addition to the basic hot and sour, egg drop, fish ball soup, and a very unique chicken and ginseng that were on the buffet line. The buffet had a nice selection of dim sum as well: pork buns, sesame balls, shu mai, etc. And their sushi selection was very large and varied. Numerous rolls as well as octopus, yellowtail, tilapia, spicy tuna, etc. sushi.

Since there's an attached Korean BBQ market (great place to pick up duck, pork, cuttlefish, sausage, etc.), the buffet included delicious pork (with the crackling), duck, salted chicken, sliced bbq pork, etc. As for the seafood, even at lunch they had baked oysters, baked mussels, stuffed whole shrimp, whole fish, crab legs, etc.

In addition, they had a huge selection (probably 20+) of other Asian specialties (the requisite orange chicken, etc.), but they also had very unique (for a buffet) choices such as chicken feet, etc. They really do have a vast selection!

They had a nice selection of cold salads as well, including kimchi, pig ear, jellyfish, and excellent squid and seaweed salads.

Nothing too exciting for dessert, although they had 6 flavors of ice cream (red bean was ok) and a large fruit area (unfortunately, all canned, but the loquats, lychees, and longans were tasty). I would suggest visiting the "regular" soup area on the buffet line, because they did have a dessert soup: sweet white fungus (subtle, but a nice sweetness to it).

This was all for $7.25 ($6.50 for seniors). I believe dinner and weekends are $12.50ish, but includes a bit more seafood, I believe.

I liked this buffet because it had a number of unique offerings. I'll definitely be back.


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    1. re: tdreyno

      Northeast corner of Dobson and Warner in the strip mall north of Lee Lee. Not an exact address, but it's easy enough to find.

    2. We tried the Phoenix Palace last night because of the review on the board and I thought it was good but not great. The first thing I noticed was how lit up the restaruant was inside and out. Inside was very spacious and clean with one plasma alternating between kung fu/Laker game. The sushi station was incredibly fresh with a wide variety selections mentioned in the previous post. One thing I did notice behind the sushi station in a bucket was live sea urchin. Apparently they were being prepped for the sushi place next to C-Fu gourmet across the street. I asked if I could try some and after hesitating a bit they said it was only for the sushi place across the street but I could buy it for $9 each and they would prepare it for me. It was rather interesting watching them cut the spiky baseballs with out any gloves on. We were offered a light soy-ginger sauce but opted to have it plain. It was very sweet and tasty. The portion was bigger than what you would find if ordering off the menu at a sushi place. ( a little bigger than a golf ball) Suffice to say this was our highlight of the evening. The char siu, duck and chicken were all dried out and seafood selection was barely there. Although there was plenty of mussles covered with mayo and cheese available. In the area I normally go to Pacific Seafood Buffet because of there selections of bbq meat but I would give the nod to Phoenix Palace for the sushi.

      1. So, is the Phoenix Palace NORTH of C-Fu, on the other side of Warner?

        I just saw the buffet next to Lee-lee this a.m. NOW, I have two to try on the way home at night. THanks.

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        1. re: VictorLouis

          Yep, that's the one! Forgot to mention after the buffet we headed over to Gelato 64 for some gelato. Had the pomegranate and mocha gelato. Definitely hit the spot!

          1. Hi Da Beebz,

            What time did you visit? We were there right after it opened at 11:00 a.m., but I did notice that they weren't too quick to refill the seafood. We got our share, because we were there early, but once the crowds came in by 11:45, the seafood trays were still not refilled.

            By the way, where is Pacific Seafood Buffet?


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            1. re: brianroaz

              We arrived last night around 8:30 pm. The only seafood tray that were filled was the baked mussels but seriously mayo and cheese? ewww. Pacific Seafood is located on Elliot and Arizona Ave. It's not as spacious as Phoenix Palace but I think they refill everything more quickly simply because the place is always packed. Try it sometimes...especially the marinated shortribs!