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Dec 15, 2006 02:54 PM

Brunch at 14th and U

Hi, meeting a friend for brunch tomorrow before a little holiday shopping and was looking for a new recommendation. One of us is veggie, the other, not so much. We've already been to Polly's and Busboys.

Are Creme, St-Ex or Bar Pilar good for brunch?

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  1. I really like St-Ex quite a bit for brunch.

    1. Etete has excellent food for veggies and non-veggies alike.

      1. Creme had a lot of good buzz, but the last time I went, the wait was horrendous and even though the omelet was decent, it didn't come with anything (no toast, no bacon, no potatoes). I expected more.

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          I have enjoyed Creme for dinner but totally agree on the horrible waits. Last time I went I we ended up waiting for 2 hours on a Saturday night while a table of four just sat there not paying the check, not eating, not drinking.

          We ended up going to Bar Pilar which was really disappointing. I had heard such good things about the new dinner menu and St-Ex was packed, so we headed down the street. The menu was incredibly limited, my veggie friend had a really hard time finding something (at brunch this should not be that difficult) and our waitress was nonexistent. Next time we'll head back to Polly's or Busboys.

        2. Yah, Pilar's brunch just isn't up to snuff compared to the rest of its menu.

          1. Even though you'd think it's just a coffee house, Mocha Hut has excellent brunch food -- eggs, waffles, etc. You order, grab a seat and someone will bring you the food. Quite reasonably priced too.