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Quiet, fancy steak restaurant

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My (somewhat elderly) parents were asking me for a suggestion on
what steakhouse to go to; they'd like it to be in the city, not
too loud an atmosphere, "fancy" and "comfortable".

I'm not sure..I've been to Morton's, and I think they'd
definitely find it too noisy; same goes for Capital Grille. I
don't remember how loud Smith and Wollensky was, but I think it
wasn't so bad..?

I haven't been to Abe & Louie's, Flemings, Ruth's Chris..um..
any others that people have tried/liked..?

I'd be most appreciative for opinions/thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. you could take a flyer on Ruth's Chris because the location and setting (the old state house)might appeal to older folks and it's a pretty good restaurant.

    But a real no-brainer would be the Oak Room - very quiet, very nice room (ie. "fancy") and top notch service.

    Avoid Abe's, Fleming's and Grill 23 if you're worried about too much hustle/bustle.

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      I think you mean Old City Hall, not the Old State House.

      The Oak Room is now, with the passing of Julien's, the reigning Grand Dining Room of Boston.

    2. Another vote for the Oak Room. They will love it!

      1. Another vote for the Oak Room - it's everything they're looking for.

        1. Definitely the Oak Room - or possibly Davios!

          1. I would recommend The Oak Room or Ruth Chris's
            Avoid Davios, because it is very loud.
            The food is excellent, but loud

            1. The Oak Room does have a beautifully serene environment. Davios I think, has an energy, but I've never found it really loud. Of course, I dine out quite early so it's not as busy and I guess a bit quieter.

              1. I was at the Oak Room just last night and it was bustling because of the holidays, yet still really easy to talk to my companion!

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