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Dec 15, 2006 02:42 PM

Tavira ( Algarve) Portugal restaurants

We will be staying in Tavira Algarve in March 2007. Does anyone know of any good typically Portuguese restaurants?

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  1. I've been to Tavira twice. Love the town, food there can be a mixed bag. My favorite place is Beira Rio, right on the riverfront. Not sure if it will be warm enough in March, but they have nice outdoor seating overlooking the river and the Roman bridge. Food is more carefully prepared than in most places.

    Mares and Imperial are also popular places. A popular local dish is tuna Tavirense, which is a tuna steak baked until it's gray and smothered with onions. Ehh, I was not impressed!

    1. We found a fantastic little restaurant in Tavira called "Aquasul." It's run by a Dutch woman. It's mostly Italian-style food. Really delicious, and a charming atmosphere. The servers were all Dutch and spoke both English and Portuguese. My husband was getting tired of Portuguese food and was thrilled to eat pizza. The prices are reasonable and they draw an international crowd. The have tables in front of the restaurant so that you can eat al fresco if you like. It's a popular spot, especially during the summertime, so get there early to get a table.

      13 Rua silva Garvalho
      tel: 081- 325166

      1. I have recently reviewed a number of Tavira restaurants on my blog:

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