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Dec 15, 2006 02:28 PM

Suggestions for Alexandria please?

I'm meeting up with a couple of old friends on Saturday in Alexandria. We're looking for a place with good food, but that is also somewhat quiet. Any part of Alexandria is fine, and any cuisine except sushi. We're thinking early evening probably. Thanks!

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  1. Try Del Merei Grill- it's pretty close to old town and it's wonderful. Not terribly loud and the food is great.

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        Where is Del Merei Grill?

        eta: found it ... thanks! Now to pass all this good info on to my friends. :)

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          What would you recommend at Del Merei Grill? My husband and I just went today for lunch. We started with the frickles which I've heard so much about here. They were okay. Good coating but it tasted as expected, nothing spectacular. For lunch, I had the grilled chicken salad. Mostly iceberg lettuce, a tiny amount of white corn and black eyed peas; great grilled chicken breast, though. The dressing was unnoticeable (supposed to be the cottage cheese dressing). I think the chicken breast salad at Mike's and the other GAR restaurants is much better. My husband had the grilled beef tip wrap. Again, mostly lettuce, w/ swiss cheese melted over the outside (makes it really hard to eat the wrap--had to use fork and knife but it falls apart). The dinner menu looks much better and the restaurant itself has nice decor.

        2. A la Lucia on Madison Street (at the corner of Madison and Royal)would be a fine choice too. It's very good italian with nice wine bar and it's relatively quiet.

          1. What's the area around A la Lucia like? My friend is saying it's in or near a not-so-great area to be in after dark?

            1. Madison and Royal is fine. Perhaps they haven't been in the neighborhood in a while? There are some projects near by but I have always felt comfortable in Old Town at night. However, I would pass on A la Lucia. My husband and I tried it one night and were not at all impressed. The wait staff barely spoke english and the food was barely palatable. Mostly I felt like I was at a nursing home eating nursing home food. Harsh I know but that's my opinion.

              Bilbo Baggins is quiet with good food (the wait staff can be kind of querky though) -

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                The food at Bilbo Baggins is appalling. Stay away.

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                  The area around A La Lucia is fine - I take an art class next door for the past year that ends around 9:00 and have never felt unsafe going to my car. I like the food at A La Lucia and everyone I have taken has enjoyed it. As for Bilbo Baggins - it used to be one of my favorites but in the last 5 years it has gone downhill and disappointed everytime - anything fried (one of the salads or dishes has 3 or 4 fried sweet potatoes or something) tasted rancid the past couple of time. I think it closed didnt it. One place to check out- not fancy but quiet and decent food is Asian Bistro on King Street (around Murphy's and the movie theater on that side of the road)

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                    My wife and I really enjoyed the food at a al Lucia, but the service was the real standout. True, our waiter's English wasn't perfect and she misunderstood me to be asking that my mussels be shucked -- and they did it! An entire plate of mussels already removed from the shell... an amazing amount of work with no complaints (graciously delivered even) and no extra charge.

                  2. We went to the Majestic, and overall it was very good. Thanks for the suggestion! One friend and I had the mozzarella-stuffed risotto cakes with a saute of squash and greens, with sides of southern-style green beans, while our other friend had macadamia-crusted mahi-mahi, which she loved. The fried okra was very good, too. I didn't love the veggies that came with my meal, but I'm not a fan of cooked-to-death veggies (and I knew that going in ... don't ask why I ordered them).