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Meyer lemons - where to find?

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Has anyone seen Meyer lemons in the Boston area recently? Was at Russos two days ago and they didnt have them...

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  1. I've seen them recently at Formaggio in Cambridge.

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    1. Try calling Russo's and asking them for some--I know they have them somewhere, b/c I order them wholesale frequently.

      1. I got some at the Hingham WHole Foods this week. SOunds like Whole Foods has them generally but maybe individual stores only have limited supplies and run out fast? They're generally very helpful if you call them and ask them to check if something's in stock.

        1. last week at both stop n shop and trader joes. share any recipes?

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            thanks for the suggestions, everyone! galangatron, i was planning on making meyer lemon-vanilla marmalade for christmas presents... using a combination of these two recipes...

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              yeah I saw them at stop n shop this evening. 4 for $3.49

            2. They were aso at whole foods Brighton last week...not sure if they are still there but I am on my way there now....we will see!

              1. Got em at Russo just before Thanksgiving, saw em at WF Bellingham last week.

                1. I saw them Friday at Trader Joe's in Arlington Heights--four nice-looking ones wrapped together in plastic.

                  1. They are just coming into season. If you have friends in California or Florida who have access to a ML tree, have them ship you some in a flat rate USPS box. It would be worth it! The San Francisco farmers market sells them by the bushel when they are in season.

                    1. saw them at Brighton whole foods yesterday.

                      1. saw them at downtown whole foods, and prudential trader joe's. the season is just starting now.

                        1. they dont have them at the prospect st whole foods in camb. i checked today