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Dec 15, 2006 01:23 PM

Vegetarian options for Restaurant Week

I want a vegetarian friend to be able to come out with us for restaurant week this January. Are there any places that offer more than one veggie option? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't glanced, but is Zaytinya doing something for RW this year? If so, while I'm not the biggest fan of this place, they always have a ton of veggie stuff on the menu.

    1. You and your friend are probably best off looking for restaurants that let you choose from the whole menu for RW. Those that offer two or three choices are almost never going offer more than one veggie option, if that.

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        Any idea what restaurants offer their full menu? Most of the restaurants haven't updated their Web sites with info about restaurant week yet. Thanks!

        1. re: WashDC33

          Sorry, I don't. i think this comes up every time there is a RW (the issue of who offers full menu), so you could try searching on old threads. Alternatively, you could look at the participating restaurants, identify a few you want to go to, and call those specific restaurants and ask them.

          1. re: WashDC33

            Dino offered its full menu last time, and they have two veggie entree choices on their menu right now. You could call them to confirm they'll be doing the same thing this time.

            Also last time, a friend told me that Jaleo offered a choice of x number of tapas for restaurant week so if they do that again, there would be multiple veggie choices for your friend.

        2. Indique Heights offers a ton of vegetarian selections for RW:

          See you there on Friday?

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            I thought only restaurants in DC participated in RW, this place is in MD, good thing they are doing it too.

          2. Check Butterfield 9. They participate in RW. Don't remember menu situation but normally they have some of the best vegetarian offerings in town. It's not just an afterthought - oh! here's some food without meat! It's usually very creative, seasonal and elegant.

            1. My co-worker who is vegetarian had no problems at Spezie. Both of the first courses were vegetarian, she very much enjoyed the vegetarian entree choice as well as the dessert.