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Dec 15, 2006 01:09 PM

Best Cake near Bucktown

Quick -- I need to order a birthday cake for this Sunday, and am looking for the best option near Bucktown. I am a big fan of Sweet Mandy B's, but as far as their cakes go, I find them only average.

Any suggestions or creative alternatives are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Make a run a little south to BomBon! It's a FANTASTIC mexican restaurant with french-trained chefs. They have great Tres Leches cakes, a specialty, plus a variety of chocolate and fruit cakes. The cakes are beautiful as well. I got my birthday cake from there, it was a white chocolate-mango cake and it was fantastic. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and the server brought it out and told us that Bombon is the best (to which we heartily agreed). Now I want to go there!

    Plus eat lunch while you're there, the food is fantastic. And they have different Agua Frescas all the time, with fruits or herbs. mmmmmmm

    The website has a menu with all the cakes (left hand side there's a link for online menu) but not regular food items.

    Also be aware that there's Bombon which is Mexican and Bombon Cafe Americano or something, owned by relatives of the original but is American style food with a Mexican twist.

    There's one Bombon on 18th St. in Pilsen and one on Ashland by the United Center. That one should be easy to get to from Bucktown, but I'd call to make sure they are open on a weekend because I know they do a lot of weekday traffic. I don't think they close weekends but I'm not sure.