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Any Good Falafel in Queens ??

Wondering if there is anything worth while for falafel lovers in Western Queens ???

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    1. Love Mangal Turkish on QB in Sunnyside.
      They roll em' up and fry them as ordered.
      A little smear of their hummus and some salad crunched together in their well baked Turkish bread is the bomb.

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        Hapisgah, union turnpike..kew garden hills...it's the best--green inside and always fresh

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          Mangal makes a worthwhile falafel sandwich. But if you don't request the homemade "pide" bread, you'll receive a sad pita instead. Pony up the extra $1.

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            Yup. Mangal is one of my favorites too. The homemade bread is a must (of course) the falafels are freshly made and delicious, plus they're the right texture. I have been getting the chicken kebab sandwich lately, but I suddenly feel a falafel craving coming on!

        2. If you want to take a trip to Roslyn, there is a terrific little place called Humus World. It is on Lincoln Ave. near the Roslyn train station. A felafel is $4.00 and is good for a dinner. There are a few tables. I take it home to eat.They have a few other choices like shwarma and mediterranean salad stuff.

          1. Naomi's is a little kosher place in Kew Garden Hills/Flushing (6828 Main St) near Queens College Law School. I've eaten their falafel for years. They are always frying up some more falafel balls. It's about $4.00 for a whole falafel (6 crunchy falafel balls, salad and sauce in a pita). They have free parking in the back and some other choices, but you will not go wrong with the falafel.

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              I think you are right about Naomi's. I cannot remember ever going there (I generally go for lunch) that there wasn't a line for the falafel -- so they are always frying it up fresh. I have recommended this place many times. Another place I have had really good falafel is On the Grill, which is on Queens Boulevard on the FH/Rego Park border.

            2. Pahal Zan Kosher Falafel in Forest Hills
              10612 Continental Ave (just off of Austin St. and near the L.I.R.R. station)
              (718) 793-7177

              Israeli style. Always fresh and delicious, it is really fantastic. Their shug is the real deal. But it’s a small place (i.e. total hole in the wall) and most of their business is take out. Let me be clear, they do not have any tables. I’ve lived in Manhattan, Queens and am now in Brooklyn and it’s the best falafel I’ve had in NYC. The chicken kabob is really good too.

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                This place is a tad pricey, but I like their shawarma and that big, special doughy bread. Also, I know this is nitpicky, but, as per the OP's request, does Forest Hills count as being "western Queens"? P.

              2. Istanbul (95-36 Queens Boulevard) isn't in 'Western Queens', but it's right outside the Rego Park/63rd Drive subway stop on the GRV... I'm not just using hyperbole here--but it has the best Falafel sandwich I've ever tasted (Full disclosure: I like falafel, but wouldn't consider myself a connoisseur). Nonetheless, the Falafel Sandwhich at Istanbul, when ordered with their delicious superfresh 'homebread', might just qualify as 'destination' falafel. The homebread's the key, for me; it's a thick, round seeded loaf served warm/hot and is easier to handle, more tasty, and more substantial than simple pita.

                [Also, don't forget to add their 'eggplant appetizer'--pureed eggplant and hunks of fresh garlic in a tomato sauce. Also served with homebread.]

                1. Falafel by Egyptians and Falafel by Israeli's is very different. There was a thread couple years back that I remember posting back and forth on in regards to the differences.---keep in mind often non kosher falafel--is made with fava beans--a consideration if you're allergic to them as I am...I like falafel that's extremely green inside with lots of fresh herbs..etc......thus why i vote for Hapisgah in Kew Garden Hills--Israeli Iraqi...spicy style...great hot sauce there, and also very good fried eggplant salad........also very good in the city would be Pita Express on Ann Street downtown, very good falafel and the BEST hands down greek eggplant salad I've ever had.......also, Chickpea off st. mark's has very good falafel....nice and green inside.......

                  Big difference between arabic falafel and Israel falafel..keep that in mind when looking for the best,...it is a subjective question at best......