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Dec 15, 2006 11:28 AM

Breakfast in Annapolis

Any suggestions?

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  1. Well-done standard deli breakfast fare at Chick & Ruth's.

    1. Cafe Normandy on Main Street. Good omelettes.

      1. Double T diner on West Street and Solomon Island Road.

        1. Good bagels at Bagels And... in the shopping center at West St and Rt 2 (diagonal from Double T). Ok, so that's technically Parole not Annapolis, but it's still pretty close.

          1. Thanks all.

            Chick and Ruth's was as advertised.

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            1. re: mojoman

              Chick and Ruth's is a trip. I question the wisdom of naming sandwiches after politicians though -- I can't imagine ordering a George W. Bush (and I'm sure there are those with differing views than mine who would be equally put off by some of the other selections).

              In my memory it was decent diner food, but the atmosphere is just bizarre.