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Dec 15, 2006 06:14 AM

The Best (Peruvian) Rotisserie Chicken- Pardo's

I'm not an expert on Peruvian rotisserie chicken, but as far as rotisserie chicken is concerned Pardo's (just opened in the West Village) is fabulous. The claim "The #1 Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken" is well-earned - especially tonight.

My first meal (take-out) at Pardo's:
- Chicken Chicharron Appetizer (comes with side of Inca Corn) - Four substantial chunks of cornmeal crusted tender chicken. Quite good. The crust was light and smooth, not grainy as the cornmeal suggests. Comes with two delicious creamy sauces that I had to try with everything.
- Pardo's Brasa - THE rotisserie chicken. Flavor is incredible, the meat tender- MUST TRY.
- Yuquitas - Yucca fries that come with the two creamy sauces, one tangy, one more mild.
- Inca Corn- The size of the kernals! Probably my least favorite of the meal- a bit too starchy if you have yuquitas with your meal-- which I hope you do.
- Rice - Good basic fluffly white rice to balance the flavor explosion of Pardo's Brasa.
- Canario Beans - A savory stew-style dish, cooked with bacon, garlic, onions- perfect balanced with the rice.
- Flan- Dense, yet refreshing-- the way flan should be.

I shared this meal with another person and it was more than enough. Quite a deal for a meal this good.

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  1. I have to second hongry's post -- we went there the other night and the chicken was delicious! I wasn't as excited about some of the sides though, and the service was mediocre (but, they were very nice and receptive to our suggestions). We walked out of there having eaten plenty of chicken, fried rice, the yucca fries, canario beans, a steamed salad (fairly uninteresting: beets, carrots, and avocado), dessert (flan and tres leches cake), and drinks for less than $25 per person.