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Dec 15, 2006 05:50 AM

Headed to Blue Smoke, What Do You Recommend?

Having dinner there next week and I'd like to get some recommendations for appetizer, entree and dessert. Beverage, too, for a non-drinker. Thanks.

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  1. Recently went there and we shared a variety of things. The chicken wings w/ blue cheese dip is a good starter. We also tried the pulled pork sandwich (overrated), the Blue Smoke burger (big and smoky), the Rib Sampler and Rhapsody in 'Cue - which is the best way to go. Let's you try a bit of everything, but you'll forget what's what and just start devouring. Mac + cheese is fine, and remember to get some of that sticky toffee pudding.

    Big downside of the night was the undeniably weird waiter we had. He acted like he was on some strong medication, but from what I've heard, service is usually very friendly.

    1. Apps: chicken wings and devilled eggs

      Mains: Salt n pepper beef ribs are great, rib sampler if you want to try a little of everything, or the other sampler (name?) that includes pulled pork. If you go Monday, the suckling pig daily special.

      Dessert: If you eat alot (its hard not to there) have the key lime pie. I always eat alot, so I always get the KLP... so I can't say about other desserts.

      Non-Alcoholic drinks: I can't help you there. The house special cocktails show creativity and respect for ingredients and details, so you might have luck asking the bartender to make something up for you.

      Only caveat: there are no free bar munchies provided, so if you spend time waiting for your party to gather at the bar, be prepared to pay for chips and peanuts or wait it out.

      1. The best things there are the chicken wings, the Texas beef ribs and the burger. All are excellent. For sides, the mac and cheese is the best. I've never had dessert there as I'm always too stuffed, so I can't help you out there.

        1. the bbq potato chips with the blue cheese dip and the mac & cheese are must haves.

          1. Chicken wings, sweet potatoe fries, fried chicken, beef salt ribs, memphis ribs