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Weekday lunch in Westchester or slighty north

we will be driving through in two weeks.

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  1. well, it might help to know which highway you're driving up. Route 9 is kindof a long way from Route 684 or the Taconic--

    1. Kittle House in Chappaqua.

      Umami in Fishkill (not Croton, they are not open for lunch).

      Several Indian restaurants in Westchester (as Donna said, we need to know where you will be).

      1. 87 to 287 - maybe that's not Westchester. It's been a long time since I lived in NY, and I was even close to being old to enough to drive when we left.

        We can drive through Westchester for something worthwhile...we are chowhounds, you know. We wanted to go to Blue Hill at Stone Barns, but it is only open for lunch on Sundays. But that's the kind of experience I was looking for...we will be going from one relative's house with drab food to another (spending Christmas Day with the foodie side of the family, though), so we need a treat!

        1. Since it sounds like you're heading over the Tappan Zee Bridge, I'll recommend Freelance Cafe in Piermont. I'm pretty sure they are open for lunch.

          1. These are good ideas. Anybody else? Any restaurants started by CIA grads worth checking out?

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              probably the reason people haven't posted anything else is that you haven't really given a good idea of exactly where you'll be going; the Tappen Zee (which 87 to 287 sounds like you're doing) is *well* over an hour south of the CIA, and lots of good restaurants in Westchester are well north of 287; and if you're looking for something up 87 into Orange county etc., well that's again, not Westchester, so people may not read the post-

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                Sorry about that. I'm not the one driving, so I'm not precisely certain about our route. Also, we will go out of the way for a good place. We have to get from Monticello, NY to Morristown, NJ, so anywhere in between is game.

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                  well then you're not going to be in Westchester at all! You'll be getting onto 287 about 15-20 minutes west of the Tappen Zee and going south. I'd look for restaurants in NJ rather than Westchester.

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                    As I recommended earlier, Freelance Cafe in Piermont. It's only 15 minutes out of your way (which is probably closer than most of the other suggestions here, since we didn't know what you wanted).

              2. 5 minutes off of 287 is aberdeen. They have a terrific dim sum brunch on the weekends. It is not Blue Hill in terms of ambiance or service, but the food they put on the table is great, authentic, well priced and served in a convivial surrounding. Should you decide to go for dim sum, make a reservation.

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                  Actually, I found the service at Aberdeen just fine, and since you can't eat ambience, I think Aberdeen far outweighs Blue Hill in comparison since the prices aren't astronomical.

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                    Yes, but not likely 5 minutes off the 287 portion that she will be driving, and it involves going into downtown White Plains whic can be a pain.

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                      Aberdeen also serves its dim sum during the week until 3PM. If you have trouble parking there is a parking lot just across the street for the old White Plains Mall. On the first floor of the mall is a large pan-asian supermarket (Kam Sen). A sister store to one in Flushing.

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                        You are correct, it's "not likely 5 minutes" off 287, --- more like 4 minutes, according to Google Maps and my own experience.

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                          The original poster was heading down 87 from upstate NY to 287 into NJ (not into Westchester), and was not getting particularly close to Westchester, much less White Plains.

                          The original post was not clear, but it was later clarified exactly what part of 287 she/he was talking about.

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                            EHS -- I very clearly said "off the 287 portion that she will be driving". Did I have to give exist numbers for you to accept that I was correct???

                            And I challenge you to get to Aberdeen from I-287 (any section) in 4 minutes. If Google Maps says it can be done they (or you) must not be taking traffic lights (or traffic) into account.

                            1. re: MisterBill2

                              "MisterBill2" --

                              Off at Exit 5 (Route 119 East), under the train bridge onto Main, left on Grove, right on Barker. 3 minutes, 11 seconds (well under four minutes); April 30th, 9:36 p.m.

                              I just drove it and timed it for you.

                      2. For the best brick oven, thin crust pizza I've ever had, go to Tino's on Saw Mill Parkway (Rt 9A or between exits 25 and 26 on Saw Mill Pkwy) in Hawthorne. It's across the street from the movie theater. It's been years since I been back, so I sure hope it's still there.

                        101 Saw Mill River Rd
                        Hawthorne, NY
                        (914) 769-7236

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                          It's definitely still there, but I've never heard of anyone who's eaten there (and I work right down the road). I thought the place was a dive.

                          Can someone who has eaten there recently vouch for this place??

                        2. food is good, I have eaten heros for lunch there a few times and my husband goes there for lunch a lot

                          1. We had pizza at Tinos last week and it was great.The crust is crisp and crackly straight from the coal oven They are short on ambiance but not a dive, even though it does look like one from the outside. There was a kid's birthday party going on when we were there.

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                              Good to know, I'll have to check it out.