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Dec 15, 2006 03:58 AM

Palm Deserts/Palm Springs: Best restaurant for reasonable price?

I will be in Palm Desert area in January. Are there any great restaurants for a reasonable price (under $25, preferably under $20, per entree)? I probably prefer no sushi or Chinese food since I am from Los Angeles. Please let me know what kind of food the restaurant serves also.

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  1. As a native NY'er who has lived in SF and LA for the past 30 years and 4 yrs ago moved to Palm Desert, IMO there are NO GREAT RESTAURANTS in the Coachella Valley. There are some very good ones however and most of them are $$$$. In the under $20 price range you should consider BABE'S at the River in Rancho Mirage. Very good barbeque and sweet potatoe fries. Armando's Mexican on El Paseo in PD. Sit outside and watch the people flow. There is also a Very good Deli called Manhattan in the Desert in Palm Springs with a great NY style menu. Other than Langer's in LA, it is this NY'ers favorite Deli on the west coast. The Red Tomato in Cathedral City is good for dining under $25. There is a new "hole in the wall" Italian restaurant on Hwy 111 in PD called Angelina's (right behind McDonald's and a Yoghurt store) that has very good thin crust pizza and some good pasta dishes. Have fun.

    1. IMO maybe TBB3 should come out to Palm Springs more often. We have several GREAT restaurants! For dining under $25 (entree's not inc drinks) I like Plum (American) Citron at the Viceroy, Zin (American & French) and Edguardo's (Mexican) All of these should have something very good in the $25 range. Enjoy your visit

      1. The two best well priced for entrees under $20 are John Henry's and Davey's. Both in Palm Springs. JH very hard to get into without long advance reservations-not only well priced, but very good food and GREAT value. Dinner includes soup or salad. A must have is their apple pie served with must be a pint of ice cream on top.
        Hate to tout these as they are already impossible to get into.
        Good luck.

        1. Try Romitti's on Washington & Country Club in PD.