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Dec 15, 2006 02:21 AM

Cozy atmosphere and good food in Delco, Main Line or Conshohocken?

Looking for somewhere that serves good food in a cozy atmosphere- somewhere with fireplaces, etc... Still seeking spot for Christmas eve.

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  1. pepperoncini in conshy is super intimate and cozy... i don't know about fireplaces, but you really can't go wrong there. it's at east elm & poplar.

    stella blu's decor for some reason is unwelcoming to me. gypsy saloon is a step closer to cozy, but still wouldn't be my first choice. conshy lacks an abundance of couple-friendly restaurants, strange for all the singles there, which i guess is in part why i moved.

    my favorite christmasey dinner spot, though, is one exit down the schulykill - get off at green ln/belmont ave, make a right, make another right in front of the sunoco onto ashland ave, and go up the hill to la collina. it's THE perfect holiday dinner spot. make reservations and ask for a table on the window in the circular room. it's all mahogany and super festive.

    a tasting menu at carmine's creole in narbeth would be great too. i went there for a birthday dinner for the SO back in august and it's got a warm interior and was nice and romantic.

    hey, what's that new place where maya bella used to be? (in conshy) has anyone been?

    1. For good food, cozy and fireplaces, the Old Guard House Inn in Gladwyne is a perfect match. Blackfish in Conshohocken (where Maya Bella was) is NOT what you want. It has a very stark, minimalist vibe (but I hear the food is good). I also would repeat some of the recommendations I made to your previous post, particularly 333 Belrose.

      1. Try the Valley Green Inn. It's very cozy and old school. Perfect for any holiday.