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Dec 15, 2006 02:15 AM

R.U.B. Barbecue - Getting Better

I live near R.U.B. and have been going since it opened. I've often found it maddeningly inconsistent, even the items I'm a big fan of, such as the pastrami (ask for a tender piece) and the burnt ends. Lately, however, I've noticed a general step-up in quality. For instance, last night I was shocked at how good the BBQ baked beans were. When I last tried them when the restaurant first opened, I found them cloyingly sweet and completely unappetizing. Last night, however, they were so deeply savory and satisfying, and filled with cubes of glorious burnt ends, that I was inspired enough to call the restaurant with kudos. In any event, I encourage the many who were initially disappointed with the restaurant to give it another chance.

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  1. always been a fan, and eaten there two or three times. we ended up doing a delivery order for two of the taste of the baron orders and it was an insane amount of food. it arrived somewhat lukewarm, but all the flavor was there.

    I still like the onion rings, I love the pastrami, the pulled pork, the baked beans, and the ribs are better than the other new bbq place on the west side, daisy may's.

    1. I've been to most of the great BBQ places in the city (I still have to get to Daisy Mays) but rub is my favorite, foodwise, hands down. The burnt brisket is fantastic as is the pulled pork. The chili cheese fries also hit the spot. Highly recommended.