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Dec 15, 2006 02:03 AM

Indian Food....

Looking to find a good indian Restuarant in Queens... I keep hearing that Jackson Diner on 74 st is good....Any thoughts or suggestions ??

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  1. Jackson Diner is AWFUL! Do NOT go there if you want a decent meal. Don't know how that place is still in business.
    I'll be "back home" (visiting my parents in Queens---I live in the Midwest now) next week and I am also looking for a GREAT Indian restaurant.
    Dosa Diner (also in Jackson Heights) seems to be most often recommended here.

    1. Aside from Spicy Mina, which I love (but haven't been to this year) all the best places have closed... and all the lousy steam tables thrive.

      1. Yes, I want to try Spicy Mina's too. Plenty of posts about it here.
        Another place you might want to try is Tangra Wok (9524 Queens Blvd, Rego Park---steps away from the 63rd Drive subway station). It's billed as "Indo-Chinese". It's been a year, but DH and I had a lovely lunch there. The food was wonderful, and it's a very pretty space.

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          I dont get it; i went to Spicy Mina's last week and didnt think it was great. But maybe its because I was turned off from the start by their chickpea fritter appetizers: they came out looking delicous but they smelled like rotten egg-we couldnt bare to eat more than 1 each (and they brought us a plate of nearly 10!). my malai kofta was tasty-but not much sauce and far too rich and lacking in veggies for a dinner entree. my boyfriends reported his dish (some sort of curry with lamb) to be tasty, but the cuts of lamb weren't great...

        2. Jackson Diner is just fine. If it wasn't in Queens and was out in the middle of America it would be the best Indian place in 500 miles...

          FWIW, I am half punjabi, half A.Pradesh.

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          1. re: AKR

            I agree, JD is quite good. I eat there at least a couple times a year.
            I don't get people describing it as "awful, just awful".

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              i dont like jackson diner . its SOOO overpriced (even for manhattan indian food but espeically since its in jackson heights). my fave is Indian Taj, just down the street. Plus, they have a dinner buffet (on weekends only?) for about 9$. its great!

          2. JD used to be sublime in the early 90's when it earned its reputation. Now they hack out buffet slop during the day, but for dinner they can still produce good things on a good night. Don't go when it is too busy. It is really loud, in addition to being ugly and tacky in the extreme like a bad Bollywood movie.