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Dec 15, 2006 02:00 AM

Pio Pio Anyone ??

Pio Pio is a Peruvian place that was recommended to me by a friend it's on 85th st & Northern Blvd in Queens.....
Great food and a cool little place... Love there Calamari appetizer and all the main courses are great too.....
Any thoughts ???

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  1. Agreed. pio Pio is great for chicken

    1. Pio Pio is well known by us outer borough Queensfolk...and we've pondered the ingredients of their killer green hot sauce...they also make very good avocado salad, decent Sangria, and good flan....they just expanded to the corner with a takeout which is great..there is also a VERY small Pio Pio outpost we get takeout from at least once a week in Rego Park, on Woodhaven Blvd...

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      1. re: janie

        I'm glad I'm not the only one who is flummoxed by what in that green sauce (which if allowed to I would undoubtedly drink by the pint!)
        I say: olive oil, garlic, chili pepper, cilantro, salt.
        I do notice it varies in spiciness sometimes.

        1. re: squinchy

          a waiter told me the sauce uses jalepenos. I think it's a mayo-based sauce (or maybe egg/oil)...

          Pio Pio is our "easy home run" place when out-of-towners visit us in JH. It's cheap, delicious, fun, and has more ambience than most other restaurants in the nabe.

          1. re: danoots

            While waiting for my picup at the corner I was told there is avacado in the sauce also.

      2. not to sound like a jaded poster, but:

        1) pio pio has been discussed to a bloody pulp here. please use the search button.

        2) a "cool little place" is not how i would describe pio pio - it's fairly big, crowded and noisy. plus, they opened another little place a few doors down.

        1. i haven't been to pio-pio (northern blvd) for a long time. my WDC-based parents were there more recently than me. they said that the prices went up significantly? same quality, but no longer cheap...

          can anyone confirm or deny?

          and yes, i wouldn't call it little, but i do like it's festive atmosphere and i also like the rooms, with the exception of upstairs which i find a little claustrophobic. but maybe that's because the service is slower up there.


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          1. re: charlie_b

            one question I don't think I have seen answered is whether the Sunnyside location is as good as the original. I haven't tried it yet, is it important for me to trek out to Jackson Heights/Corona?

            1. re: melon

              Isn't that Pio Pio Rico, a different joint altogether?
              Though they also have amazing green sauce....

              1. re: melon

                there is no sunnyside location, that is not the same Pio Pio--I think it's Pio Rico you're thinking of--Pio Pio that we are referring to is in Jackson Heights on Northern Blvd and on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park.

              2. re: charlie_b

                i still consider pio pio to be cheap. Whole chickens are $8, most sides are $3/4, avocado salad is $6, ceviche is $10...

                1. re: danoots

                  Last time I went to Pio Pio, 2 weeks ago in Jackson Heights they raised their chicken breast price to $5 each, and $4 for takeout, used to be $3 for takeout. That's a big jump in price. Also the side of rice is quite small for $4. The avocado salad is a fair price, but they are not such a cheap dinner anymore. Used to get takeout all the time from Woodhaven, but once you get a few chick breasts and sides, it starts to add up quickly.

                  1. re: janie

                    I'm looking forward to today's opening of American Chicken (charcoal broiled chicken) at 78th & 37th Ave. Quarter Chicken served with two side orders (choice of 18) with soda and pita bread for $5.99. I've had enough of the traditional Rotissiere chicken including Pio Pio and look forward to a change and a change in price.

              3. I love Pio Pio, great chicken, maduros, and ceviche. I actually remember the original on the Upper East Side (90th & 1st) when it was known as El Pollo. Just as good as the Jackson Heights outpost, but much much smaller.

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                1. re: Johnleah

                  There's a branch of Pio Pio on the UES on 91st and 1st. It's as you describe, just as good but smaller -- and more crowded!