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Melting salted caramels

kittyfood Dec 15, 2006 01:47 AM

I bought the TJ's salted caramels and although they are good, I had hoped for a more distinctly salty flavor. So I'm thinking of melting them and using them as a layer in brownies or some other cookie. But the last time I tried to do that the caramels never melted; they just turned into a sticky mass. What should I do -- melt them in a bit of cream? Butter?

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    stacylyn RE: kittyfood Dec 15, 2006 11:25 AM

    I was thinking of trying this, as well! I hope someone can help us....

    I, on the other hand, didn't really like the TJ's Salt Caramels. I had high hopes, but they were average, at best, I thought.

    1. 4
      4chowpups RE: kittyfood Dec 15, 2006 12:52 PM

      Ha, me too!!! I was just thinking about that last night in bed...wondering what I could do with them!! I had bought a chunk of Mercken caramel from King Arthur in Oct. and plan to use that in my baking. I hope I don't have a similar problem melting!

      1. k
        kittyfood RE: kittyfood Dec 16, 2006 02:24 PM

        Since I didn't get a response (the thread got buried pretty quickly by newer posts) I did a little research and found that generally the caramels are melted over low heat, or sometimes over hot water, in both milk and butter. So I will try that.

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