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Dec 15, 2006 01:32 AM

Laterna Restaurant - looking for input

Hi All,

It's been on a corner on Yonge, just south of Steeles, forever. My wife and I were wondering if there were any tries on this place. We may end up taking one for the chow if not.

It's just across the street from Centrepoint Mall. I only found one reference to it as a pizza place alternative to Dante's when going for budget-conscious selections. Funny since we were thinking it was a greek resto.

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  1. We love their souvlaki on a pita (Chicken or Lamb). Home-made pita's baked with cheese and a large greek salad is a weekly take-out item. Restuarant needs a make-over, but offers some good comfort food. Pizzas are good, not great for my taste, but are popular, esp with families.

    1. We hit this place a couple of weeks ago. My bro & his crew live just north of there, and recommended it for a family-friendly outing.

      If, by family-friendly, you mean loud, cramped and unappetizing, then this is your place.

      The food was pedestrian. Admittedly, we live on the Danforth and so our palates are somewhat tainted. However, the menu was a bizarre mix of Greek, Italian and greasy spoon. Nothing was either extraordinary or horrendous. It was simply... there.

      Two good qualities: our server was very pleasant (more so than normal, even for a place of this ilk) and looked after the kiddies with aplomb. Plus, it had those paper place mats with the cocktails than no one's ordered since they were first printed in 1951.

      But I found the seating very uncomfortable, both in the sense that our chairs were too close to one another and in the sense that so were the tables. It's a fairly small space, and the sound - read, noise - echoes like in a canyon.

      Also, very limited vegetarian options. My wife and I both had what amounted to salad (iceberg lettuce et. al.) in a pita. And my 2 1/2-year-old nephew found the lettuce on his sandwich more interesting than the filling.

      That part of the city is replete with family establishments. If that's your only criterion, I'd argue you could probably do a whole lot better elsewhere.

      1. Agree souvalki on pita is very good - better than most on the danforth! pizza is decent.