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Dec 15, 2006 12:41 AM

top of the harbor, seabrook, nh

Heard it's good. Anyone care to report?


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  1. Didnt even know there was a new restaurant in Seabrook. Where is it? IN the Markeys/Browns area?

    1. Harry and only two,

      I haven't eaten there but my neighbor did. Only, you probably know where Mac's Clam Bar used to be--near DiBurro's market at the lights just before the bridge? They're there. My neighbor (who's half-Lebanese) told me she had an excellent Lebanese plate that was on special there back in October (I assume given the locale they also do seafood?) Apparently one of the owners, either the wife or the husband, I forget which, is Lebanese. I have such fond memories of Seabrook beach from my childhood. I hope this family makes a go of it. I'll have to check them out if they're open year-round (wonder if they are, or if they do a funky schedule like Markeys?)

      1. We just went today heard it was good so we wanted to try. The veiw was great right on the water we watched the tide come in and we missed the Browns and Markeys lines sat on the upper deck outside. Great service and the food was awesome. Yes they have seafood and it is awesome, the also have lebanese food but I didn't try it. The owner came around and introduced herself. Very nice place and yes it is open all year from what she told us. Price was good. You must try this place but don't tell anyone cuz we will have to wait in line next time LOL.

        1. I found this place by accident a couple of weeks ago. Nice harbor view, even though winter.
          We just had cheeseburgers, they were excellent. Homemade buns were great. French fries were good and and the homemade cole slaw was excellent. Draft beer was good too. Really slow the cold night we were there, waitress was nice, it was nice and quiet even with a big bar in the room. Nice selection on the menu, we are going back to try some of the seafood dinners next time.