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Dec 15, 2006 12:40 AM

Halibut cheeks recipes needed

I saw these selling online at the Pikes Fish Market web site. It sounded delicious, I was thinking in terms of classic chinese preparation, steamed with sherry, scallions, ginger and topped with sauteed garlic and cilantro. Any other ideas?

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  1. No ideas - sorry- but I do have to say - I wish I were at your house . Nothing better than fishcheeks - I had walleye once - amazing sweetness. U mind posting the site?

      1. I had them recently with a simple miso marinade with rice and bok choy and they were delicious. I also like them lightly breaded and pan fried. You can use scallop recipes for them too.

        1. You don't want to cover the amazing subtle flavor of the fish with strong flavors like garlic or rosemary. Halibut cheeks are such a treat!
          I would salt and pepper lightly and sear in a hot pan. Then a sqeeze of lime... served with rice and steamed aspragus. Mmmmm
          sounds so good!

          1. I live in Seattle and get these fresh off the boat. Raw, they have an incredible "aroma". My Dad, who is a physician who lives in Florida where I grew up, was not going to partake based on the orginal smell, but is a major convert now that he's tasted them this way. I send him a pound or so every father's day! . My favorite way to cook these, belive it or not, is on the grill. A layer of heavy duty tinfoil, no seasoning, simply cook over low heat. Serve accompanied by drawn butter, it tases and has the consistency of lobster...cous cous and grilled red, yellow and orange peppers complete the meal...YUM!