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Dec 15, 2006 12:27 AM

Best healthy soup recipes or cookbooks?

Do you have any great soup recipes or can you recommend a must-have soup cookbook?

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  1. CIA's "Book of Soups" is good.

    1. i just made some carrot-ginger-orange. i never measure, but saute a chopped onion in some olive oil. add chunks of peeled carrots, cover with broth (i use chicken or turkey better than boulllion; water would probably be okay too). bring to a boil and let simmer until carrots are soft. grate fresh ginger in to taste. add frozen oj concentrate (to get enough orange flavor without diluting the soup). let cool and puree.

      1. This is a great soup--Lentil Minestrone from the Vegetarian Cooking book you were asking about. The Mushroom Soy really adds depth of flavor.

        1. Since I don't use any given recipes for soup, I can't cite one here. I make very thick soups when enough leftovers accumulate along with several kinds of dried beans.

          Here is a suggestion for the future. Save leftover gravies in your freezer. You can mix gravies from different sources. I currently have a bean soup in the fridge made from 4 oz. pancetta, turkey stock from Thanksgiving carcasses, gravy from lamb shanks, garbanzos and pinto beans plus aromatics. The turkey stock and lamb shank gravy gave the soup a very nice flavor. I grate Pecorino Romano on top of each bowl of soup.

          By now you may have guessed that I belong to the "What if..." school of cooking & specialize in Cuisine Impromtu.

          Buon appetito!

          1. If you are looking to get started and have a good foundation to base your later experiments in to making your own soup recipes, get Bernie Clayton's Complete Book of Soups and Stews. It is available in paperback and will become a go to resource for guidance and inspiration.