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Dec 14, 2006 11:55 PM

Padma vs Katie on Top Chef

Okay, now that we've had half a season of Padma, we've formed legitimate opinions of her: how do you feel she stacks up against last season's host, Katie? Personally, I was thrilled that they got rid of Katie the Brunette Fembot, and I was hoping Padma would step up and have a personality, maybe even know something about food. I tried to give her a chance, but I think she's almost as wooden and uninteresting as Katie...what do you guys think? Does she have redeeming qualities (other than a hot bod and a gorgeous face?) Is there a reason why the Top Chef producers sought out two ladies with monotone voices, vacant eyes, and 22 inch waists to host a cooking competition show?

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  1. Padma had her own cooking show and I think may have a cookbook out there. All I know about Katie is that she's married to "the piano man". Pretty faces yes. Window dressing, absolutely.

    1. From the comments in her blog, I think she's well qualified for the job.

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        1. I really miss padma's show on the food network. Those were the good ol' days when food network covered all sorts of ethnicities other then european...rant over, sorry (:

          however on top chef, she is pretty drole. She hardly ever says much and she looks like she is always so bored

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          1. re: bitsubeats

            I don't get the impression that she's bored. She does seem genuinely excited about the challenges and tasting; however, I think the producers limit what she says and/or edit her out. It's like they want someone really neutral for hostess of the show.

            I also think that comment someone made on another thread about her being forced to enunciate her words and minimize her accent makes her sound very unnatural. She had alot more freedom on her Food Network show, so her personality came through more.

            Another factor may be that she is intimidated by the hard-core chefs on the show and may defer to them to comment on the food. Regardless, she's doing a much better job than Katie Lee Joel.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              yeah, I just wish she would speak up more...or perhaps the producers shouldn't edit stuff out so much. I really like her and I think she has a lot of potential

          2. I actually like Padma and her job on the show. I do agree that she doesn't speak up that much on the show but I think it is due to editing. She definitely has so much more personality than Katie Lee "I'm so totally a trophy wife" Joel. I'm not so sure Padma's intimidated by the celebrity chefs---heck, her husband IS Salman Rushdie.