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Dec 14, 2006 11:42 PM


does anyone know where i can get this obscure black walnut liquor made in Italy?

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  1. Try mountcarmelwines.com. It's easy to find in a bunch of liquor stores in California since Cali's weather is conducive to home-made nocino. I think mountcarmelwines.com will ship to you wherever you are.

    1. OK, I've had a bottle of Nocino sitting virtually unused for more than a year. I've used it a couple of times in my coffee, but since I don't like 'cream' based drinks I can't think of what else to do with it.

      Any ideas or recipes?

      1. Though I haven't tried this, I hear that it's excellent over ice cream.

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          I have just confirmed that indeed Nocino is excellent over ice cream. Even better when you stir in a tablespoon of Nutella as well :-)

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            Most things are excellent over ice cream.

          2. It's imported by Robert Chadderdon. Try contacting them for retailers in your area.

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