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Dec 14, 2006 11:31 PM

Best NY Style Pizza in Raleigh

So far the best I tasted is Tony's Pizza off Glenwood Avenue, Route 70 in Raleigh.

The slices are pretty big, the place is large,new and clean.

The owners are from bklyn, ny and it is the closest to ny style pizza and prices. I should know, I lived and worked in the tri-state area for over 30 years.

spinach calzone is good too!!!

Try it it is fantastic!!!

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  1. Get over to Pizza Italia on Westgate Road right off of 70. Pete's from Calabria and spent more than a few years in Queens. It's the real deal.

    1. Might catch some heat from the snobby foodies out there but "I Love NY Pizza" on Hillsborough Street (right accross from NCSU). Really cheap slice, good cheese-sauce ratio, and a not overly doughy crust make for near perfection. In Cary, New York Pizza at Wellington Park at the x-roads of Cary P-way and Tryon road is a distant second.

      Grew up in New York and have scoured the south-east for just the right slice. If ever in DC Two Amy's is the best gourmet slice out there....

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        I second I Love NY Pizza on Hillsborough St. I just went there this weekend. 2 ginormous slices and a drink for $4.50. I find myself craving this place a lot when I want a slice.

      2. Frank's on New Bern is pretty good. When the pizza is fresh out of the oven it has a wonderful crispy crust with lots of dark and not too much dough. Some toppings are better then others. I ordered green peppers last time and got red and maybe some green that had obiously come from a jar. I didn't mind too much because the pickled flavor was ok with the richness of the cheese, but was kind of bummed they weren't fresh.