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Dec 14, 2006 11:18 PM

Looking for MY perfect cup of hot chocolate...

I too am looking for my perfect cup of hot chocolate. I don't seem to like the really rich stuff... it makes my tummy funny. As a point of reference, I've tried the hot chocolate at Jin Patisserie and thought that it was just a little too rich and thick for me. I've also tried the hot chocolate/champurrado at El Sazon Oaxaqueno and thought it was too watery and rather flavorless.

I am looking for a cup of hot chocolate that is actually "drinkable" but not flavorless like a powderd cup of Swiss Miss might offer up. It seems like the majority of highly recommended hot chocolates on this board are more on the side of "eat with a spoon" or "fondue." That is not what I am looking for.

What is the consistency of the hot chocolate like at Intemperantia? Is it really thick?
Also, does Compartes in Brentwood make hot chocolate? If so, can anyone describe it?

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  1. Two recent hot chocolates I've had have been very good, and fit the bill I think:

    -- Downtown, at the "coffee" side of the sandwich shop Mendocino Farms in the Watercourt food area. This used to be Tao of Tea, but apparently they decided that concept wasn't working and converted it to part of the Mendocino shop ... tasted like nice milk chocolate but was not too thick. (I suspect they are not open weekends.)

    -- Somewhat nearby, had a hot chocolate this weekend at Mama's Hot Tamales (across the street from MacArthur Park). They also have a Mexican hot chocolate on the menu, which I'm guessing is good, but I went for the normal chocolate ... also not too thick, with really good foamy consistency.

    1. In tem pe ran tia is my favorite hot chocolate in the area covered by this board but it is not what you are after because it is very thick and deeply rich.

      In tem pe ran tia
      15324 Antioch St.
      Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
      310 459 4703
      800 982 0088

      1. It's so funny you should post about Interperantia. I've never heard of it, except yesterday a gift arrived with a tiny wood box that housed 11 chocolate candies. Yes, I said 11! It was the strangest gift. the candies were grouped in 4 tiny sealed plastic baggies. One baggie had one candy, one had 4, and two had 3 pieces. No labeling or reason why they were divided that way. It was a gift from a business, so I can't ask what was in their mind in choosing it, but very strange. The chocolate was good, but we sampled two candies and neither of them overwhelmed me. I can only imagine the price they charged...!!

        1. If you feel abitious you should just make your own. This is one of my favorite recipes, 4 cups whole milk, 4 cups half and half, 1 pound milk chocolate (chopped) 2 teas vanilla. Heat milks to below simmering, take off heat and add chocolate. Whisk.

          1. My current favorite hot chocolate drinks are served at Leonidas Chocolate Cafe. There are two that I know of in L.A. county, One in Santa Monica and one in Pasadena. If you are near the Promenade in SM or Old Town in Pasadena, I would give them a try. They sell "gourmet" chocolates as well (their primary business, actually.)

            Leonidas Chocolate Cafe
            49 W. Colorado Blvd.
            Pasadena , CA 91105-1922
            ph:: 626.577.7121 fx:: 626.577.7161

            Leonidas Chocolate Café
            331 Santa Monica Blvd.
            Santa Monica , CA 90401-2205
            ph:: 310.917.4496 fx:: 310.917.4498