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Dec 14, 2006 11:13 PM

Union Square Tips?

Hi there,

A bunch of us Orange County-ers are going up to the City for the weekend and need some good tips. We know there are about a million great places, so we need a a little guidance.

Any recs for a good lunch (or brunch) place near Union Square in SF? Looking for a combo of good food and fun ambience.

Not too expensive, but not too cheap either. Wanna avoid the tourist-y places.

Also, any hip (but not too trendy) bar/restaurant places for a fun Sat. night out?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Union Square is tourist central, so it's pretty hard to avoid the overpriced mediocre places - but it's not as bad as Fisherman's Wharf. What is your price range?

    You could do one of the restaurants in Belden Place - it's an alley in the Financial District with about four good, solid restos in one block.

    If you don't mind a little bit of a hike, you could go into Chinatown and get dim sum - that's a great San Francisco experience.

    1. This question gets asked pretty often on this board. You might try doing a search for Union Square. You should be able to pull up a good number of prior posts with recommendations for the Union Square area. The good news is that you are not that far from Chinatown, the Financial District, South of Market(SoMa) or North Beach. You can reach most of those areas in a brisk 20- minute walk or a 5-10 minute cab ride from Union Square.

      1. Heard good things about the Belden Place, er, places. Thanks.

        1. Not hip but fun is the Gold Dust bar. Dixieland Jazz live. Victorian brothel look. Or Harry Denton's Starlight Room.