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Dec 14, 2006 10:57 PM

Steakhouse (or chophouse) tasting menus?

I posted this question over on the Los Angeles board, , but wanted to canvas a larger audience.

I'm curious if there are any steakhouses or chophouses out there that offer a tasting menu?

I could imagine a 6 course menu of something like the following:

- steak tartare (or maybe beef carpaccio
)- oxtail stew
- skirt steak
- NY sirloin
- bone-in filet
- dessert

I ask because when I was recently at an LA steakhouse by Wolfgang Puck (i.e., Cut) and I really wanted to try the different cuts of beef, but couldn't really afford to -- both from an appetite and financial standpoint.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. I think this is a great idea. I too have always wanted to try a few different cuts on a given evening.

    The only thing I have seen close to this was at Clio's in Boston. My daughter ordered Kobe beef served four ways, but on the same plate. It was pretty neat having the different textures and flavors in a single meal.

    1. I can't think that it would work or be offered especially at steakhouses that use broilers that cook at upwards of 1800 degrees. For the Strip and the Filet, I can't imagine a tasting size portion of the steak would be thick enough to get a good sear on it without being well done. Not to mention a meal like that of pure protein you'd probably be full long before you got to the fourth steak.

      Also, I'm sure its been on menus, but bone-in filet is an oxymoron.