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Dec 14, 2006 10:51 PM

Any good Latino, Cuban or Spanish food in the Triangle?

If you know of any good Spanish food let me know.

I am desperately missing my spanish food...

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  1. not spanish food, but some of the best mexican in the southeast. search the board for 'taqueria' and the like, and you'll find a plethora of recs. as far as cuban or spanish, though, there's not much worth writing home about.

    1. Where are all the latinos here?

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        There are quite a few Mexican joints on Roxboro Rd. in Durham. As far as the Latinos themselves, they're everywhere. Check out Montas Lounge in Durham for dancing. You'll meet people there who can give you more info.

      2. Spanish, as in Spain - I ate at Tosca Brava (or Tasca Brava?) in Raleigh a couple months back. It's a tapas place, the owner is Spanish, and our party enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I can't really speak to authenticity, but it "felt" authentic to me.

        1. There are three places that serve Cuban food that I'm aware of in the area. There is Carmen's near the airport (directly across from the Saks off fifth at the Outlet Mall on Airport boulevard). Cuban menu with good Lechon Asado, rice and black beans, plaintains, tostones, etc. They also have salsa dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. In downtown Raleigh there is the Oakwood Cafe on Edenton St. Specializes in Argentinean and Cuban food. I really like there Churrasco steak but the Roast Pork is also very good. Not great atmosphere but very reasonable. There is also Havana Jax in Wake Forest which has gotten good reviews buy I've only eaten their once and for some reason can't remember a thing about it, so can't heartily recommend.

          1. Having eaten at both Cuban restaurants I can't really recommend them. I do business with a few local Cuban businesspeople. In fact, I was having this conversation with one of them yesterday. Apparently local Cuban families cook at home when they want Cuban food and have family members bring or send them ingredients they can't get here.

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              Most spanish/Latino products can be purchased at the Super Compare Supermarket in Durham. The chain supermarket is from NY and they carry many Latino products as well as tropical fruits and vegetables, including yuca, plantains,mangoes etc. They carry many spanish spices to make delicious spanish food.

              I have shopped there a few times. They run weekly specials and their prices are pretty decent.