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Dec 14, 2006 10:10 PM

blade guard for knife roll?

I bought a small knife roll (overkill, maybe) to transport some knives around, however the pockets don't seem that tough. The whole thing is made out of a pretty tough nylon. Am I correct in assuming that I also need to use a blade guard, or can I safely just stick the knives in the little pockets?

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  1. I use magnetic knife guards that snap over your knife. Really safe and secure.

    1. I have a heavy nylon knife roll and never have had any problems with the knives cutting it. It does not get tumbled around while in transit. I put it in my luggage. I never go to my M-I-Ls house without my own knives. She murders knives.

      1. I think it depends on your knife roll. I was in my knife-sharpening store recently and was looking at guards and rolls to transport some knives to a Caribbean vacation house. They had two rolls: a rather small, not very heavy-duty one and a very large one. The large one was definitely more than I needed; I was only taking three knives. The man who sharpened my knives suggested I just go with the guards alon. He said the knives would definitely penetrate the smaller, less sturdy one if my luggage got banged around.

        1. If you have a knife roll, edge guards are not necessary. The roll will provide more than enough protection.

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            I beg to differ. Know of several instances where people were cut opening a knife roll like that.

          2. Yeah... I picked up some edge guards when I was down at Ross. The guy there said they might not have poked through before, but definitely would when he was done.