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blade guard for knife roll?

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I bought a small knife roll (overkill, maybe) to transport some knives around, however the pockets don't seem that tough. The whole thing is made out of a pretty tough nylon. Am I correct in assuming that I also need to use a blade guard, or can I safely just stick the knives in the little pockets?

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  1. I use magnetic knife guards that snap over your knife. Really safe and secure.

    1. I have a heavy nylon knife roll and never have had any problems with the knives cutting it. It does not get tumbled around while in transit. I put it in my luggage. I never go to my M-I-Ls house without my own knives. She murders knives.

      1. I think it depends on your knife roll. I was in my knife-sharpening store recently and was looking at guards and rolls to transport some knives to a Caribbean vacation house. They had two rolls: a rather small, not very heavy-duty one and a very large one. The large one was definitely more than I needed; I was only taking three knives. The man who sharpened my knives suggested I just go with the guards alon. He said the knives would definitely penetrate the smaller, less sturdy one if my luggage got banged around.

        1. If you have a knife roll, edge guards are not necessary. The roll will provide more than enough protection.

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            I beg to differ. Know of several instances where people were cut opening a knife roll like that.

          2. Yeah... I picked up some edge guards when I was down at Ross. The guy there said they might not have poked through before, but definitely would when he was done.

            1. There's yet another issue, protecting the knives from each other. I don't want my knives knocking into one another as I have some rather fine Japanese style knives, very hard steel with great edges. I strongly recommend edge-mags http://www.knifeguard.com/ they have some links on their page to online sources.

              1. Anyone hear of a leather shop?

                I got some bulk hide and traced a left and right hand outline of the knife to leave about 20% of the material to have a shoe outfit to stitch.

                My largest knife and cleaver was to expensive to have neatly stitched by my local shoe repair place. I then got some leather circle punches and laced them the old way.

                My sister, less craft oriented, took some suede leather seconds and made individual wraps out of them. I was suprised she got by so inexpensive for her set of knives. All she does is roll them like a Subway Sub and ties down the center.

                By the way, a few of my knives are not all that magnetic for some reason.