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Dec 14, 2006 10:08 PM

Chinese Delivery near Mt. Kisco?

Help! Looking for good chinese delivery in the Mt. Kisco area. David Chen's has been a disappointment as has Rainbow Panda (quality at both has been inconsistent, delivery times absolutely ridiculous). We've picked up food from Pacific, but as of late that has been inconsistent as well. (Rumor has it they may not be around too much longer anyways.) Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Oh, the tragedy of Mount Kisco food delivery. There seems to be no good chinese food (delivery or not) in the area. We do a good amount of take out/delivery and struggle constantly with what to order. We too used to like Pacific, but only because it was the best of the worse. If someone knows something we don't, tell! My family has lived here for 8+ years and UGHH! We need some serious help.

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      1. Well, Chocolate Chick, I'd love to hear your other takeout/delivery recommendations for the area - we do a fair amount of ordering out ourselves and I always like new ideas. We tend to go with Lefteris for Greek and Bellizzi or GianFranco's for pizza, and we get takeout from Passage to India and Mt. Fuji. Chinese has just been abysmal, unfortunately.

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          We also like Basilico for italian take out (not specificaaly pizza) but their bolognese and chicken scarpariello are terrific. I also take out from Passage to India. For Sushi, we take out (and I'm pretty sure they deliver) from Kicho. It is a little more expensive, but we like the quality. For mexican food, we order from Azteca. That's about it. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

        2. Thanks for the ideas! We haven't tried Kicho or Azteca yet - been meaning to... so that is good to hear. Every little bit helps!

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            Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention Tengda in Katonah. They have a lengthy take out menu (different from their restaurant menu) which includes chinese, japanese and thai. I would definately give it a try, although haven't tried the chinese, the other cuisines have been quite good.

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              I've ordered some dishes with success from Peking City in Katonah. Their pork & pickled cabbage soup is particularly good on these cold nights. I've also had some success with some of their noodle dishes, like Singapore mei fun. I wish they are more consistent from night to night than they are, but on a good night, they can be among the better Chinese take-out options in the area.

          2. I need to check out Tengda's take out - we ate their once and were pleased, but I didn't realize their take out was different. Thanks for the Peking City idea - I'll definitely check that out as well.