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Dec 14, 2006 09:54 PM

PHX/SCOTTSDALE: Quick Report....Cove

This is quick and dirty report on lunch I had today with Mr. I met him at the office and we headed out. He had me turn into the Seville center at Indian Bend/Scottsdale, which I've only known for Roy's and Ruth's Chris. We walked through and headed into Cove.
"What do they have?", I asked.
"Great pizzas", he said.

We had new Little Lovey in tow, so we sat inside. The menu was basic in a really nice way..does that make sense? They have a nice selection of salads, wood fired pizzas and a couple of pasta dishes. Nothing else. What else could you need?

Service was prompt.
I ordered the Mini Calzone w/salad. It's $7.50 with a house salad, .99 extra for an upgrade to the ceasar, greek, or pear walnut. I went with the pear walnut.
Mr. ordred the Perfect Pizza w/house salad. $7.50. It's a basic cheese pizza, resembles a margherita with cheese.

The food was good. The pizza has that nice crispy crust that only wood fired offers.

$7.50 for a sit down lunch in Scottsdale. I didn't know you could do that without ordering a burrito at Chipotle anymore. Cove is definitely hidden, so you almost have to know it's there. It's right behind the oriental rug store.

Afterwards we walked over to Terroir, Mr.'s favorite wine bar. It happens to be right down the street from his office...coincidence?? So what we saved on lunch we blew at the wine shop. I had a couple of gifts to buy and they offer a nice selection.

Two tasty birds, one stone. Maternity leave is fun :D

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  1. Lucky duck!

    I will file this away, it's almost exactly half way between my office and my sister's. Hmmmm..

    1. J. and I hit the Cove a few months back and had a great meal. The food and service was excellent and I would go back in a heartbeat.

      Thanks for the report. :o)

      1. The hubby and I love the Cove! It's such a great little gem of a place in the midst of typically mundane chains.

          1. I go to the Cove, at least every couple of months. I usually get a salad and/or pizza, and it has always been good.

            The last time, I gave the Shrimp and Calamari in Fra Diablo a try. This was not so good. The seafood was overcooked. It was kind of a surprise, since I had such good luck with the Calamari Salad, in the past.

            Still, you can't go wrong with the Perfect Pizza lunch. The Pear Walnut Salad upgrade is a steal, if you like Bleu Cheese.

            For all the people who like this place, I'm surprised that it's never been very busy when I've been there.