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Dec 14, 2006 09:33 PM

ISIS in Portsmouth NH Review

Wife and I finally made it to Isis on Penhallow the other nite... wow, what a nice surprise... maybe due to the space changing hands a few times over the last couple years, or the plethora of other great dining in Psmouth, we had not made it ot this great spot..
Wonderful dining space with a small upstairs area with a nice sexy bar and great lighting... started with fried cheese balls... ok, quite simple bar-foodish but sooo good with basic greens and spicy aioli... followed with 2 salds, both excellent- Bibb letuce with crispy prosciutto and a great lite cider vinaigrette... mine was a wonderful warm romaine salad with smoked bacon, and warmed quince w/ goat cheese... the vinaigrette was outstanding but I cant rember the composition and specific flavors... Entrees were good, maybe the portions a bit too big... skirt steak cooked perfectly med-rare with a greamt chimi, over pink beans.. side of jasmine rice and over-fried plantain chips (the only let down of the meal)... I had a wonderful slow roasted piece of wild salmon, cooked as requested to med-rare, served over 4 wild mushroom raviolis in a lightly gorgonzola floavored oil/butter sauce.. thought the cheese would overpower the fish but it worked well together... interesting combo which worked really nice.... guava creme brulee to finish was nice... to glasses of bubbly, 2 glasses of wine and a nice tip came to about $120... well worth it and a nice change from the other restos in town.. overall the prices seem to be about 10-15% less then some of the others in town... excellent service... will definitely return...

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  1. That's interesting. We've also been avoiding that spot since Goldie's left a few years ago. How would you say it compared with Lindbergh's? That seems to be our benchmark for the pricey places in the area.

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      Lindberghs is definitely our favorite.. food, wine, food, service, ambience etc, etc... and yes you can get out of Lindberghs for cheap (umm, lindburger and a glass of wine)... but Isis will just be nice to throw in the mix... for some reason, even with all the great choices in town we sometimes scratch our head and have a tough time deciding where to go.... since the portions are bigger at Isis I can see my wife and I going back and completely splitting a four course dinner (app, salad, entree, desert) and walk out around the $60 range...

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        Isn't Lindbergh's Crossing closing...or sold?

        1. re: care2

          Lindbergh's is closing in March. The chef is taking over and will be opening under another name. Here is a link to a recent article.

          1. re: Bluebird

            Lindbergh's will remain very much the same as it is now - just different owner (the chef) and different name. Same food, same great staff, same atmosphere, etc.

    2. Good to hear dinner was a hit. After receiving our eggs benedicts cool on more than one occasion, we swore off their brunch.