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Dec 14, 2006 09:31 PM

any good boba / milk tea places in culver city

i'm addicted to boba and cannot seem to find any decent ones near where i live in culver city. 3x a week i have to drive myself to sawtelle in west la to get my boba fix at lollicup, which i still think has the best bobas. i've tried the small boba place on jefferson & overland, as well as a chinese resto in howard hughes, but they suck. any suggestions?

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  1. This is only a block closer, but if you're already driving over to Sawtelle... I enjoy Volcano (in the strip mall on Sawtelle, with Blue Marlin & 2117) for boba, particularly the plain Boba Milk Tea. Sorry it's not closer, but if you haven't tried it, I'd recommend it over Lollicup.

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    1. re: debra

      is this near olympic & sawtelle?

      1. re: adelly

        Yes. Address is 2111 Sawtelle, west side of the street, on the block just north of Olympic. Best boba in town, San Gabriel Valley included.

    2. No. Depending what part of Culver City you're in, Capri Garden at Manchester and Airport Bl. might be closer. The drinks are pretty good, but kind of pricey and not a wide selection. China Bowl in the shopping center at Slauson and Western in south L.A. has a wider selection.

      1. Across the street (olympic & Sawtelle) in the 3 story strip mall there is a place called upper house Boba. Try the tarot Root boba.

        1. thanks for the input! i just always thought lollicup had the best boba coz i never really tried other places in sawtelle!